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Jolokia- Best Enterprise Video Solutions

Jolokia was founded by a couple of guys who eat tech for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert (all with a healthy dose of hot sauce). We’re not happy unless we’ve modified it, optimized it, and spit shined it. Our solutions are designed to solve customer problems. We’re not dreaming up ideas in the back room – we work hand in hand with our customers to design features that directly benefit them. Jolokia has been delivering enterprise video solutions since we founded the company in 2008. The founders and top employees have more than 80 years in combined video streaming experience. You can trust with Jolokia that you’ll get advanced solutions with advanced functionality. And that’s not bragging… It’s true. (okay, it is bragging, but it’s still true)



Jolokia’s Cloud based Streaming Video platform –we call it Inferno- is great for Unified Communication providers who would like to extend their service offering to streaming video. Using our white-labeled platform guarantees a short time-to-market without the obstacles of scalability, infrastructure cost and interoperability. As a partner you will be able to create additional revenue without making any capital expenditures.

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Knowledge: Jolokia has proven, proprietary streaming video technology, built on years of experience which you can take advantage of

Multi-tenant: you are able to provision and manage multiple customers in an easy way

Customization: we designed and own the platform so we are able to modify and integrate it to your specific needs.

Branding: we will brand the platform to your look and feel.

Support: customer care is our key driver; your success is our success and we will work closely with you to make it happen.

Low cost: the platform is highly scalable and offers attractive pricing

Extra revenue and margin: generate extra revenue and margin with little upfront cost

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You can also visit us at: biz.dimapuronline.in/jolokia-475456

Jolokia is a specialized video solutions provider that helps enterprise customers and UC providers to manage high quality video in Dimapur, Nagaland

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